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EPP/EPS/EPO Mould Tooling

PMPF company design and make high quality foam moulds for export directly, our EPP/EPS/EPO foam moulding tools are intensively used for production of electronics packaging, technical equipment and instrument packaging, food and beverage thermal insulation packaging, transport packaging, medical equipment and devices, air conditioning structural foam parts, automotive components and interiors, sport helmets and other protective gear, RC Hobby Model Planes, child toys, etc.
We have good experience in building EPP/EPS/EPO molds for many kinds of moulding machines such as Kurtz, Erlenbach, Alessio, etc.
Our experienced engineers have good experience in designing and making EPS/EPP/EPO mold tools, our mold tools are exported to all over the world.
Send us your foam parts drawing and your moulding machine tech data(Erlenbach,Kurtz,Alessio,etc), we will design mould tool 3D drawing and make quality tools for you.
–Mould Tooling Type: Foundry Casting Mould, Aluminum Alloy CNC Machined Mould
–Mould Components: Steam chest, cooling system, filling gun, ejectors, mould frame and plates, teflon coating
–Applicable Moulding Machine Type: Kurtz, Erlenbach, Alessio, Heitz, Fangyuan, Shunjie,etc
–Engineering Sofware: Pro/E, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD

*Mould tools

cooling system1 cooling system2 EPP 3D mold drawing EPP CNC mould EPS CNC mold and packing carton EPS CNC mold and packing carton2 EPS CNC mold1 EPS CNC mold2 EPS CNC mold3 EPS CNC mold4 EPS CNC mold5 EPS CNC mold6 Fangyuan Mould parts feeder L-XL mold cavity pic model airplane kits mold mold design moulding drawing1 steam chest Textured EPP mold Textured EPP mold1 Textured EPP mold2

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