ETPU Midsole & ETPU Insole

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ETPU Midsole & ETPU Insole

The Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane, in short E-TPU, is manufactured by foaming TPU granules,which is similar to EPP foaming process that the TPU granules are also pretreated with high pressure and heat. With specialized foam mouding machinery and facility,the E-TPU cell foams can be moulded into different shapes.

The most advantage and benefit of the Expanded TPU cell foam in shoe mid-sole is as below:
--lightweight, we are all desire a good quality shoe in lightweight.
--shock impact absorption, Expanded TPU is a closed cell foam that can absorb shock impact on the foot during jogging or running.
--elastic and rebound effect,the lightweight E-TPU foam beads is very elastic, it can provide people the desired rebound effect when jumping or running, this improved our running behavior.
--softness and resilience, the Expanded TPU foam material can provide us softness and highly reactive resilience performance in the same time.
--durability, shoes made from the Expanded TPU foam sole has been recognized among Adidas shoe users, it is more durable than other sole materials.
EPP can be molded into different kinds of shapes and forms which made it very flexible in design.
The Expanded TPU cell foam raw materials was originally invented by BASF known as the Infinergy foam and Adidas was the company who had successfully applied it in its shoe mid-soles known as the Energy Boost. Previously only BASF owns the E-TPU cell foam bead raw material manufacturing technology, but after many years now the Chinese local chemical companies has already resolved the E-TPU cell foam bead raw material manufacturing technology. There is no longer difficult for us to get the E-TPU cell foam raw material any more.

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