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EPP foam for packaging

Electronics and optical packaging made of EPP:
-The high level of recovery properties virtually predestines EPP for use in the electronics packaging industry, EPP lends itself to the protection of sensitive electrical components and devices or as containers and carriers for transport. Tailor designed EPP boxes, EPP trays and EPP pallets can be reused for years and can be transported in an easy and environmentally friendly manner.
For the transport packaging of conductive strips, PCB modules, LCD panels, photograph optical glasses etc, which require high demand for anti-static environment situation, they are also anti-static EPP material available.To meet the market demands, these products can be made with various types of conductive surfaces.
Medical and pharmaceutical packaging made of EPP:
-In the pharmaceutical and medical industry, EPP has been approved to be a good packaging solution to protect medical devices, instruments, vials and other sensitive, fragile components.Products such as medicines, prostheses and hygienic products place particularly high demands on packaging, for sterility, protection, temperature-control and security which can be met by EPP. The custom-molded EPP packaging provides both thermal management and protection when shipping lifesaving products such as medicines, organs, test serums and live tissue.
What's more, EPP also works well as an interior chassis for some medical devices and equipment.A key benefit of EPP is that it can be molded into complex shapes without losing its resiliency. Components such as tubes, pumps, circuit boards, fans, and power supplies are simply snapped into various channels and cavities that are molded into the EPP chassis.Then the EPP foam serves as a mechanism to assemble the medical device.Using molded EPP foam to create a chassis that holds the components securely in place offers significant benefits to medical manufacturers that are willing to change their approach to medical product design.
Technical parts made of EPP:
-The properties of EPP allow it to be a versatile building material that can perform more than one task at a time: it can serve as a packaging material, a housing or as shock protection, but also as heat and sound insulation in, for instance, electronic equipment and heating accessories. In devices and when building electronic equipment, it is possible to use completely new installation methods.



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