EPP foam for auto

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EPP foam for auto

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), EPP has been used as a material of choice in automotive applications for several years, from passive safety products such as side impact energy absorbers in door panels, head restraints and seat cores, seating and knee protection, to stowage applications.

Many types of molded EPP foam are used in automotive applications. Automotive industry is a very specific branch with a high demand on quality and precision. Due to the outstanding properties, the parts from EPP produced for this industry fulfill not only these requirements, but much more. Automotive parts from EPP are made in different shapes and sizes. They have an excellent energy absorbance and improve the acoustic inside a car. The most EPP application in the car are energy absorbers for bumpers, door pads, crash pads or toolboxes. EPP manages impact energy by absorbing it, then returning to shape. It is ideal for multiple impact protection such as vehicle crash applications, and is widely used in automotive interiors to improve passenger safety for side impact protection, Knee protection, A, B, C pillars, Instrument panel components, and Head restraints.


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