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EPP baby carrier


There are many good advantages and properties we can obtain from EPP foam material while could not get from other linned foam materials.
~Nontoxic, non-caustic, no peculiar smell, environmental-friendly, 100% recyclable
EPP does not contain hydrocarbon, volatile organic components or other elements which are classified as being very harmful to the environment.
And EPP is Free of heavy metal, EPP is totally nontoxic so that it can be used without extra considerations.
~Durable and lightweight
In the safety protection sectors, products made of EPP benefit from the combination of light weight and durability. In addition to these properties, this special foam lends itself quite well to the realm of sports safety protection.
~Multifunctional and flexible in formability
EPP can be molded into different kinds of shapes and forms which made it very flexible in design.
~Memory Capability and Impact Protection
Moulded EPP foam products will recover to its original shape after crash force deflection and the EPP foam will help absorb the crash forces and provide an extra layer of impact protection.
~Chemical Resistant and Heat Resistant.
Moulded EPP foam products are chemical and oil resistant, it can be easily washed, also the moulded EPP foam products has good capability of heat insulation so that it is widely used in the cold chain transporting and packaging industry.

Our factory is one of the leading manufacturer of EPP-moulded components, we have good experience and technology in the expanded foam moulding industry, our factory is ISO/TS 16949:2009 Automotive Components standard and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental standard certified.

If you are interested in using EPP foam for your baby carrier related products or if you have any enquiry about EPP-moulded products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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