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Auto sunvisor

EPP baby carrier

There are many good advantages and properties we can obtain from EPP foam material while could not get from other linned foam materials. ~Nontoxic, non-caustic, no peculiar smell, environmental-friendly, 100% recyclable EPP does not contain hydrocarbon, volatile organic components or other elements which are classified as being very harmful to¡­

EPO and EPP airplane

EPP sheet

EPP sheet can be cut into different thinckness and shape to make some easy cushion package,also better than EPS sheet when used in rc model(more endurable and impact-resisitant than EPS in properties).EPP underlayment for artificial grass,which product we have made a mass production in,is applied to sports field or playgrounds…

EPP foam shock pads for artificial turf sports field underlayment

EPP(Expanded Polypropylene) foam shock pad can be found in football/soccer stadiums, golf course, baseball field, tennis court and other sports field or playground. Laid beneath the green turf fibers are several hundred shock pads which are made from EPP foam beads. Expanded Polypropylene represents a perfect basis for artificial turf….

EPS foam helmet liner

EPS foam helmet liner are widely used in the head protection sports helmets industry, such as bicycle helmet, horse ridding helmet, snow helmets, water sports helmet, skate helmets, motorcycle helmet, climbing helmet,etc. EPS is a great shock absorbing material, but it will be permanently compressed when absorbing an impact. Both…

EPP flowerpot

EPP flowerpot